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Protect Your Home & Valuables!

Worried about going out because you are afraid of losing your valuable belongings at home? Worry no more even if you're far away! This Wireless Mini Monitoring Cam provides real-time day and night monitoring on your home!

1080 FULL HD DISPLAY - Provides a crystal clear vision so that you can really see every detail inside or outside your home. Monitor your home anywhere you are!

SMART MOTION DETECTOR WITH ALARM - Capture any thief! This camera has a built-in alarm that will notify you of any possible intrusion inside your home. 

INFRARED NIGHT VISION & PANORAMIC FOOTAGE - It can see light emitted from bodies, animals, objects in the form of heat or thermal radiation during nighttime. It has a wide range of footage so you can see everything on your phone or tablet.

WIDE APPLICATION - Use it anywhere you need surveillance cameras such as at office, home, store, and company. Look at kids, pets, elderly or anything that needs to monitor. Save money in hiring any security guard at your place.

REAL-TIME MONITOR - Discreet real-time monitor via mobile phone. It comes with two-way audio with mic & speaker that feel like you’re just inside your house. Enjoy seeing your loved ones or catching thief with this unnoticeable mini camera.

MULTI-PLATFORM VIEWING - Very easy to access that can be viewed with tablets, android, iPhone and mobile phones. Easy to use by connecting the camera to your mobile phone using the router.

The Wireless Wifi Security Camera With Sensori Night Vision sends an alarm message to your mobile phone and records visitors’ activity on the memory card, allowing you to consult it later.

Here’s Why People Rushing To Get It

If you have several valuables or feel uneasy about your family being home alone, it might be worth the investment. And if you’re living in an area with a high crime rate, you might need to consider the Mini Hidden Cameras. We’ve seen people use it to…

✅ Capture Evidence
Keep an Eye on Hired Help
Monitor Strangers on Your Property
Watch Those Kids
Troublesome pets could be caught red handed
Best of all, the the Mini Hidden Camera is Never Seen by Intruders.

Secure your homes & loved ones NOW! Have easy access to your home with the Wireless Mini Monitoring Cam. Grab Yours NOW!


Image Sensor: 3918E + 1145 SenSor

Lens Resolution: 200W

Camera Resolution: 1960 x 1080P

Lens: 2.8mm  

Power Consumption: 3W (MAX)

Rated Power: DC 5V 1.5A

Day/Night Conversion Mode: IR-cut, Double Filter Automatic Switching  

    Package Inclusion/s: 1pc. Wireless Mini Monitoring Cam


    On APP can realize turn off voice and night vision, take pictures, adjust resolution etc.

    You can share with families, all families can watch the real time video online.

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