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Boho style dream catcher

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Each work is individual and is handmade. To manufacture the catcher usually takes from four days to a week. After parcel is sent to You.

I can make a dream catcher with feathers and beads of different colors: light blue, purple, green, blue, yellow, red, orange and other colors.

Materials used: Cotton yarn, feathers, goose feathers, feathers rooster,feathers pheasant,wooden beads,bead gemstones imitation.

  • Dreamcatcher - is not just interior decoration. It is a powerful amulet, which is endowed with many properties:
  • Dreamcatcher protects and provides a sound sleep to the owner;
  • Dreamcatcher helps in practice lucid dreaming. It helps to understand the dreamer himself in a dream, and also protects from negative influences;
  • Dreamcatcher helps restore vitality while you sleep;

Lakota legend about the creation of the first dreamcatcher.

Once upon a time, when the world was young, the elder shaman of the tribe of the Lakota was high in the mountains, when he had a vision. In this vision, Iktomi, Shaman and Grand Master of the Wisdom, appeared before him in the guise of a spider. Iktomi talked to him on the intimate language. During the call, Iktomi raised willow hoop elders, which were hooked feathers, ponytail, beads and began to spin a web.

He told the old shaman of the cycle of life; that we begin a life of children, passing childhood, we grow. After that we usually old and over again has to take care of us like sitting, completing the cycle.

- But - Iktomi said, continuing to spin a web. - In every moment of life, we are faced with a lot of force, and some bring us harm, some, on the contrary can help. If you will listen to the good forces, they will discover, they will gladly help you to go in the right direction. But if your choice would be wrong, then you can get trapped and injured. So these forces can both help and intervene in natural harmony and disturb her.

He said he continued to spin a web.

When finished Iktomi narrate, he filed a shaman web and said:

- This web - a perfect circle with a hole in the center. Use the Web to help his people achieve their goals, drawing from the source of ideas, visions and dreams. If you entrust the Great Spirit, the web will catch good ideas, and evil will take place through the hole.

The old shaman gave a vision of his people, and since then, many Indians Dreamcatcher hung over her bed to weed out the dreams and visions. Good caught in the web of life and bring people and separated from evil dreams, slipping through a hole in the middle of the web, and are no longer part of their lives. They say that the Dreamcatcher contains force command fate.

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